On the Value of Human Rights: Iran Perspective

Iran’s Evilness

As the us and different countries focus on the Muslim Republic of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it’s straightforward to ignore the very fact that Iran is additionally one amongst the world’s worst human rights violators. In his latest report on Iran, the United Nations special recorder insisted that “the human rights situation within the Muslim Republic of Iran continues to warrant serious concern, with no sign of improvement.” Iran’s human rights violations embody restrictions on freedom of assembly, abysmal jail conditions, unfair legal codes, non secular discrimination, and limits on women’s rights. Iran’s recent presidential election, that dropped at power the old regime insider Hassan Rouhani, offers a chance to handle these violations. A prospective comprehensive nuclear agreement needn’t be expressly linked to Iran’s human rights record, however by highlight this issue, Washington will convey to of Iran the importance it attaches to however Iran treats its citizens. This step needs diplomatic multitasking to negotiate a nuclear agreement while promoting human rights.

Value of Human Rights

The recent developments in Iran – President Ahmadinejad’s remarks concerning Israel right to exist and therefore the Holocaust, additionally as Iran’s call to quit negotiations with the eu “trio” and to start out enriching metallic element – proves yet again that Iran could be a country that doesn’t hesitate to deny its obligations and the norms of the civilized world so as to attain its goals and implement its extremist ideology, to mention the least. Actually, it forces us yet again to acknowledge that its half within the “Axis of Evil” still holds.

However, the U.S. administration presented a really soft, to not say indecisive, response to the recent step-up in Iran’s behavior. Secretary Rice declared that “a new section of diplomacy” was opened, and sent Undersecretaries Burns and Joseph to travel round the world to speak with foreign officers so as to bring the Iranian nuclear program before the United Nations Security Council. These efforts haven’t seemed to work too well: The administration is busy lowering its own expectations, refusing to affect sanctions on Iran at that section, The Russians are “offering” Iran one more chance, and therefore the gas thirsty Chinese aren’t too hooked in to the safety Council option either.


Iran Perspective

Tens of thousands of children, both Iranian nationals and undocumented immigrants, are forced into prostitution in Iran, say government and nonprofit human rights researchers.


Amnesty International continues to document serious human rights violations in Iran together with detention of human rights defenders and different prisoners of conscience, unfair trials, torture and practice in detention, deaths in custody and also the application of the executing. Iran executes a lot of people than any country within the world, then again China. Ethnic, religious and linguistic minority communities face persistent persecution. However, some signs of hope have appeared since the election of Hassan Rouhani in June 2013. In Sep 2013, human rights attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh, on whose behalf Amnesty International activists and its partners campaigned since her arrest 3 years past, was released from jail, beside other prisoners of conscience.

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