Do Universal Human Rights Exist in Iran?

human-rights-1The idea of worldwide human privileges is an intangible perfect, a philosophical idea, the high water indicates of what living in a free and democratic community should be. But, due to public agreements, mores, traditions, traditions, rules and many other factors, the program of these privileges differ from condition expressing, nation to nation. An example would be Article 22 of the Cairo Announcement which says:

Everyone shall have the right to convey his viewpoint easily in such way as would not be up against the concepts of the Shari’ah.

How does these effect international human rights?

As a serious and exercising atheist and humanist I have to declare that any plan or doctrine which has a paranormal base is essentially defective. It is defective because it begins at the end, with a summary, and equipped with a bibliography of one guide, performs in reverse trying for making all the justifications against their place fit with the summary. An example of this would be the younger world creationist idea that the galaxy is only 6000 decades old. I am leaving out the rafts of justifications for and against this place in this document but younger world creationists believe our planet is around 6000 decades old centered on their presentation of Genesis. Another example would be the old world creationists who declare that the holy bible paragraphs that say “God designed our planet in 6 days” actually did not mean world times, but actually intended “heaven days” which could actually be enormous amounts of the planet decades lengthy.

The Application of International Human Rights in Islam

As I have hopefully suggested, that the primary social distinction between the European understanding of Individual rights-Iran and the Islamic understanding of human privileges is the program of Shari’ah. Shari’ah, like the other two Judaeo/Christian dogmas is defective because; It is attached previously and cannot, or at least extremely difficult to go with the moving tides of the normative combined or zeitgeist. It has no grounds for logical discussion. “God is excellent because excellent is god” or “god is all-powerful and omnipresent” are not justifications, they’re justifications. The use of dual discuss is a way of not responding to special concerns that they can’t response.

The Golden Rule

There is a form of the fantastic concept in almost every religious beliefs and lifestyle. This major still drops over with regards to normative values because what happens when a community condones a form of behaviour for themselves that we discover distasteful? Absolutely if a community seems it is validated, under Shari’ah or some other doctrine, to make vaginal mutilation of kids like the Judaism people or Muslims and it is supported by the agreement, then it is actually OK to do so under the fantastic concept. After all, if a Judaism man has had a bris, conducted one on his son and grandson then surely if it is OK for him, then it should be OK for all youngsters. I think it is an evil act, to saw off the end of a little one boy’s male organ as an agreement with god, rather than some serious healthcare purpose.

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